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Driving Lessons in Ramsgate and Surrounding Area

Phil’s RED Driving School offers top quality driving lessons at affordable prices, with discounts for new drivers plus block bookings and seasonal special offers.

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Whether you are new to driving and preparing to get behind the wheel for the first time or you are a qualified driver whose skills have lapsed, my driving lessons can benefit you in numerous ways.
I will have you ready to pass your test as quickly as possible.


Learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience, but everyone gets nervous when the time comes to take their test. To pass and earn your driver's licence, students will need to overcome both a theory and a practical test. Many drivers manage to ace one of these tests while struggling with the others. Fortunately, Phil's RED Driving School gives students both driver theory test training and mock practical tests for manual vehicles. You can find pricing information on our price list.


Being able to drive your own car opens up a whole new world of independence for lots of people. However, many people put off earning their licence because they are apprehensive about their ability to overcome their nerves and stay cool on the road. Similarly, some people struggle with nerves when they learn to drive because of bad experiences they've had as a passenger.

Phil's RED Driving Schools' driving lessons are designed specifically for drivers who need a little extra help before they feel comfortable taking to the road. No matter how nervous you might be beforehand, I can help you to overcome your concerns and start driving in public as soon as possible.


Phil's RED Driving School provides top-quality training and instruction for new drivers eager to learn, as well as anyone looking for refresher lessons.

A driving instructor with extensive knowledge and years of experience.


Whether you are a new driver learning for the first time, or you are looking to brush up on your skills to retake a test, I am on hand to help. I offer lessons in a modern, manual vehicle, as well as theory test practice and training.  I can even stage mock driving tests to prepare you as best as possible for the real thing.

I offer defensive driving lessons, these lessons are great fun whilst serving a practical purpose. If it's been a while since you last got behind the wheel, refresher driving lessons will get you back in the game.


Preparing for your first driving test can be a difficult and scary time. Even if you are confident in your ability to pass the test, you still have to keep your cool throughout the actual testing process. I will help you prepare properly for both your theory and practical driving tests. My services include theory test training, as well as mock driving tests that accurately replicate the real thing.

Contact me today to start your driving journey and get ready to pass your test as soon as you are ready.


Comments from just some of my successful students

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Ali Ahmed

Phil’s driving school, helped a lot with my confidence and knows how to teach well.

Kac B

Phil picked me up after I had problems with my old instructor. He’s a very nice person and a great driving instructor, would definitely recommend.

Conley B

A very good friendly instructor helped me pass first time highly recommend.

Yu K

Phil is the best instructor ive had, he really encourages people to be confident and to have the capability to drive like a pro! Highly recommend him for beginners who just passed their theory! He helped me pass my driving test in just a few hours.

Alex B

If you need an instructor who can get the job done Phil is the man to go to.
Fantastic instructor, really helpful with regards to gauging your driving skill and and showing you areas where you need to improve.

Lucian J

Fantastic instructor! Phil got me from being a nervous beginner to passing my test with very few faults within a couple of months. Lovely guy and an exceptional teacher! Thanks, Phil!

Vytautas Lukosius

Thank you for help me out in no time Best driver instructor! Friendly shows exactly what you need to pass your test. 100% Recommend.

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